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Date Posted: May 9th, 2019, 5:56 pm

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@Emc_502: Basis of what happened: running on this side of the stairs that's raised like a platform like thing, I tripped, landed on my right hand scraping the knuckles (I’m that skinny), some girls helped me up & told me to go to the nurses, which was right there. Yeah. And now I’m back to square one from what happened to my knee last year, and the start of the school year where I fell ironically in the same place on my knee. Did I mention I hit my forehead on a brick?

Edit: surprised I didn’t cry from that even a little or whatever...guess I was just so surprised, & when I landed... I heard everyone say ‘OOoooh...’


(For fucks sake I swear every year I get some kind of ‘major hurt of the year’, for 6th grade is was running back, being stupid, & falling on my back on a SAND track. Not dirt, FRIGGEN SAND)

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Head...can't think...irl...can only say...through
@pixlyJolt: that shit sucks
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